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Asmundson's Christmas Letter 2003

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Ruth has been sweeping everyone into her whirlwind of community involvement and planning for her stint as mayor starting next March. She is currently campaigning for Measure P, the sales tax override to generate additional revenue for the city. Between City Council meetings, she organized the California League of Cities Asian-Pacific Island Caucus this summer and traveled to sister cities in the Philippines, China, and Korea.

Alinia and Omen are gearing up to sell their house in New Hampshire and move back to the West Coast as Omen will finish his Master's of Engineering Management this June. Work has also been exciting for Omen as his group recently released a cutting-edge security module and has been contacted by Intel and the NSA. Alinia finished up with Vicinity/Microsoft in the spring and, after an idyllic summer hiking and reading, she is actively looking for a project management/marketing job and splits her time between NH and CA.

Irena has enjoyed playing co-ed soccer again with the Big Happy Team, and is making good progress on her dissertation. She plans to graduate sometime in 2004 and look for a permanent job early in 2005. In the meantime, she is thinking about patterns of steel, patterns of trade, and trade negotiations, as well as co-editing two books -- one on reform in India and the other on finance in Latin America.

Wilfred has moved on to greener pastures in sales at Apple Computer after two years with Earthlink. He plans to return to school to pursue a second baccalaureate in Information Technology with the University of Phoenix. Wilfred celebrated his birthday last month by receiving his first taste of snowboarding, leaving literally quite a few impressions on the mountainside, and is looking forward to his next run down the slopes.

Vigdis returned to Davis and taught math in Summer School this year. She joined Mom as a "personal assistant to Councilmember Asmundson" on her sister city trips. Vigdis is next letting her travel bug take her on a month long trip to India in January to attend her friend's wedding celebration. Currently, she is applying to California teaching credential/Masters programs for next year.

Jonas recently joined the Jazz at Lincoln Center Education Department after working the last two years at The Metropolitan Opera. He is very excited about his new responsibilities, most notably working for Essentially Ellington, a program dedicated to the widespread dissemination of quality music for high school jazz bands. Outside of his service to swingin' music, Jonas continues to sing with two choirs and support the arts by attending as many concerts as he can.

Sigrid survived first year law school and is currently working on a tough schedule in her second year of law at U.C.Davis' King Hall. She continued her summer appointment as a law clerk for the CA Commission on State Mandates and has added duties on Law Review and Moot Court. Finally, Sigrid has joined the cult of mountain face planting, aka snowboarding, which she does when not searching for a job in public agency law.

Lyman has begun playing basketball and enjoys singing with the sixth grade choir and playing the trumpet with his band at his school. Leigh had a winning soccer season with the Brown Leopards, and is performing as a Chinese dancer in the Children's Nutcracker this Christmas. Both children have begun preparing delicious dinners for the family once a week: choosing a menu, shopping for groceries, and cooking.

Vigfus passed away on April 28th from pneumonia, a common end stage disease for Parkinson's patients. He continued to go on his morning runs until last January when he fell and injured his hip. Dad put up a magnificent fight after being removed from life support, giving us a over a week to spend together as a family at his side, reminiscing about all the good times and singing Dad's favorite songs. His funeral was a happy celebration of a life well lived and we appreciate the tremendous support we have received from all our friends.

We wish everyone a happy holiday and hope everyone is doing well. If you will be in Davis on December 27th, please come by and share the joy of the season.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,
The Asmundson Family

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